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Hey guys! I'm back and will be participating in this years vidders4acause. So if you want your chance to win a video of your choice made by me, then watch this video and read the video desc. Bidding starts Aug 1st! Happy Bidding!

My Channel
My V4AC Profile: http:// vidders4acause . webs . com / apps / profile / 84947835 (without spaces)

All winners who bid your money goes to a good cause, it goes to a charity of your choice!
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Hey here is my 1st Teen Wolf video, i'm sad it has to be a video tribute to Allison Argent's death but sadly it is.
it's also was my 5th youtube/vidding anniversary 4 days ago. I wanted to make a happy cute multicouples video then this happened, & i needed to make this video.

Please watch, leave a comment & rate. :)

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01 March 2014 @ 02:27 pm
New Video, Fandom, & Couple.
Hey guys i'm back with another new fandom & couple, this time it's Reign & the couple is Francis & Mary. I love these two so much, i love Bash too, just don't ship him with Mary. Please watch, comment & rate. I worked on this for over a month. I hope you all like it, i know it's an overused song and has been used in other Frary videos, but i couldn't resist because this song is amazing & it suits these two so well. Anyways please comment/rate based on quality of video editing, please no thumbing down because you don't like the couple, it's not fair to the vidder (me). Thank you! Hope you like, also if you really like it could you share it on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc? Not getting much attention on my videos lately due to youtube and it's many changes!

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20 January 2014 @ 03:46 pm
My new video is about Hook & Emma (Captain Swan) from Once Upon A Time. I started this video when episode 3x05 aired, but i had to finish my vidders4acause video first. So here it is, my first Captain Swan video, there will be more, i love these two so much.

Anyways this video is for two lovely ladies, Anna from tumblr, who made me ship Captain Swan before i watched the first 2 seasons last summer, & for my twin & amazing friend Caroline from youtube.

Please watch, rate, comment, and share. Thank you & i hope you enjoy it!

Caroline's Channel
Anna's Tumblr
My Channel
My Tumblr
My Twitter

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12 January 2014 @ 11:09 pm
New video! This is for xoKonicciwa whose bid on vidders4acause won her a video of her choice from me, i finally got around to making it. It's my first video i've made in nearly 8 months! So Please watch, comment, & rate. Thank you!

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